Home Fellowship

CCS Home Fellowships are designed to meet the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ in a comfortable and intimate setting where God’s Word is clearly taught, and opportunities for worship and individual prayer are offered.

Looking To Attend?

Here is a listing of the Home Bible Studies that meet during the week. You can click on the map or call ahead for directions and confirm the Home Study Schedule, as from time to time changes may occur due to other church activities. Phone numbers and latest schedule can be found in church bulletin.

South Area
Thursday nights @ 7:00pm
Teacher: Lou Correia
Host: Shelvy and Terri Huffman
4935 “I” Parkway
Sacramento, CA 95823

Arden Arcade
Thursday nights @ 7:00pm
Teacher: Lance Salisbury
Host: Lance and Jen Salisbury
3732 Jo Ann Dr
Sacramento, CA 95821

Looking to Serve?

We are always looking for:

  • Home study leader
    The person that leads the Home Study will set the tone and schedule for the meeting. He will not only teach the Bible study but also coordinate with the Worship Leader, Study Host, and Childcare personnel.
  • Home study Host
    This person or couple will have their home ready, clean and comfortable for the group to meet in on a weekly basis. The home should be big enough to accommodate a group and allow for further growth of the Study.
  • Worship leaders
    Will lead the group in Worship through song at the beginning of the meeting. The Worship Leader will also be available to the Home Study Leader to lead prayer groups after the Bible study and assist in any other capacity needed.
  • Childcare Coordinator
    If the Home Study offers childcare this person will coordinate and organize the Childcare ministry for the Study. They will either run the ministry themselves and/or coordinate volunteers on a regular or rotation basis to work with the children.

If you are interested in any of these positions you, click here for more information.