I want to thank you for stopping by our web page, I hope you will find answers to your questions while you browse our site. At Calvary Chapel of Sacramento (CCS) we joyfully meet to worship Christ together as a church body on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Every aspect of the service is centered upon worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ with in-depth study of the Scripture and the proclamation of the Gospel as our highest priority.

CCS is not a building, not a person, or a religious institute. It is a vibrant body of believers through which God is able to work and be glorified. This body of believers calls CCS their home.

First and foremost, CCS extends an outstretched hand, offered to reflect the love that Christ has shown to us.

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”John 13:35

Our hope is that you will find the family that God wants you to be a part of. If it is here at CCS then we will be blessed! May the Lord direct you on your journey of faith.

God bless you!


Bob & Barbara Huddleston